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I went to London for a week and I didn't go shopping once.

That is a statement I never could have imagined being able to say. I grew up in London and I closely associate it with shopping. I've shopped all over the world, but all I want to do when I'm in London is shop- Selfridges, Harvey Nicks, Liberty, Topshop, Alfie's, etc- everytime I go I hit the same stores in pretty much the same order and have the best time possible. To not shop in London took more willpower than I knew I had- at one point I went to Selfridges to pick up my last Xmas gift and I managed to take the escalator past the designer floor and not stop to look at the sales racks that were already out. I desperately wanted to look at the Preen and buy it all, but oh well- I guess I'll have to make do with the one dress from their a/w collection that I bought in September.

I've been feeling so proud of myself, not shopping or looking at any of the sales, but I basically just ruined any good feelings I had just a moment ago- I stupidly went on Net-a-Porter a minute ago to kill time and now I feel that I cannot live without this amazingly beautiful dress. I don't know what I'm going to do now- Giles is usually so insanely expensive and out of my price range but, on sale, this would normally be more manageable. I have two pieces from his second collection, but I really think this dress's sleeves and print are exceptional.

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