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just another night...

For years I ran and djed at various different parties around New York- the absolute coolest parties from 2003 to 2006. Even if I wasn't djing I would be out every night at every cool party. It was a great time to be going out- the energy was incredible. This was before the internet made every scenester into a celebrity and before everyone started dressing specifically for the cameras. Its not like I'm against getting one's picture taken but there was definitely a very different atmosphere- the parties were truly fun and debaucherous, and it wasn't just put on for the cameras.

The first time I heard of a party photo website was the first time Mark, The Cobrasnake, came to New York. At the time he was a really young kid who had just set up a little website, Polaroid Scene, in LA. Steve Aoki (who was known as a record company head, and not a hipster dj) brought him to NY for Bloc Party's first trip to America. I knew Bloc Party from England and since they were a nothing band I was called in to sell their merch and take them around the city. Looking back at the pictures from that week, I think we all look a bit more innocent and everything looks less forced.

September 2004- Knitting Factory, New York

Selling merch and looking super young and fresh...

There's a pretty good article on nightlife photographers at Grand Life right now.

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