Sunday, 30 December 2007

Truly Beautiful...

Saturday, 29 December 2007

just another night...

For years I ran and djed at various different parties around New York- the absolute coolest parties from 2003 to 2006. Even if I wasn't djing I would be out every night at every cool party. It was a great time to be going out- the energy was incredible. This was before the internet made every scenester into a celebrity and before everyone started dressing specifically for the cameras. Its not like I'm against getting one's picture taken but there was definitely a very different atmosphere- the parties were truly fun and debaucherous, and it wasn't just put on for the cameras.

The first time I heard of a party photo website was the first time Mark, The Cobrasnake, came to New York. At the time he was a really young kid who had just set up a little website, Polaroid Scene, in LA. Steve Aoki (who was known as a record company head, and not a hipster dj) brought him to NY for Bloc Party's first trip to America. I knew Bloc Party from England and since they were a nothing band I was called in to sell their merch and take them around the city. Looking back at the pictures from that week, I think we all look a bit more innocent and everything looks less forced.

September 2004- Knitting Factory, New York

Selling merch and looking super young and fresh...

There's a pretty good article on nightlife photographers at Grand Life right now.

I went to London for a week and I didn't go shopping once.

That is a statement I never could have imagined being able to say. I grew up in London and I closely associate it with shopping. I've shopped all over the world, but all I want to do when I'm in London is shop- Selfridges, Harvey Nicks, Liberty, Topshop, Alfie's, etc- everytime I go I hit the same stores in pretty much the same order and have the best time possible. To not shop in London took more willpower than I knew I had- at one point I went to Selfridges to pick up my last Xmas gift and I managed to take the escalator past the designer floor and not stop to look at the sales racks that were already out. I desperately wanted to look at the Preen and buy it all, but oh well- I guess I'll have to make do with the one dress from their a/w collection that I bought in September.

I've been feeling so proud of myself, not shopping or looking at any of the sales, but I basically just ruined any good feelings I had just a moment ago- I stupidly went on Net-a-Porter a minute ago to kill time and now I feel that I cannot live without this amazingly beautiful dress. I don't know what I'm going to do now- Giles is usually so insanely expensive and out of my price range but, on sale, this would normally be more manageable. I have two pieces from his second collection, but I really think this dress's sleeves and print are exceptional.

Friday, 28 December 2007

For the last few years I've been pretty fortunate in being able to buy pretty much anything I've wanted- I'm not talking about shopping for $1,000 dresses but within reason I could buy what I liked. This has suddenly had to stop and it's a very strange feeling knowing that I will probably be unable to buy a single thing for over a year or so. I'm going to have to sell most of my rather over-stuffed closet, but I'm hoping that this will be liberating rather than suffocating. It's easy to hide behind one's clothes and, for me, I definitely hid behind the fact that I have more clothes than anyone else I know- it was something that singled me out from everyone else. I'm hoping this self-imposed exile from all that is new and currently in stores will be a good thing for my style (and my bank balance). When I look through my racks of clothes I'm struck by how many beautiful items I own that I've never worn because they've never fit me well- I have hundreds that all need serious alterations to work. It's kinda crazy how much I have that I no longer have the money to fix (not like I took the opportunity when I had the money).

I'm moving from my 2 bedroom apartment, where I made one bedroom into a closet, into my boyfriend's place where there's no way I'll be able to have it all. So, I'm selling off Matthew Williamson's, Miu Miu's, Lover's, Jill Stuart's, PPQ's, Jean Muir's, Ossie Clark's and a load of other vintage and new designers. Let me know if you're interested- it's all going on Ebay soon...

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

It's always so hard to know how to begin these things- with what tone and about what... I'd like to just launch into something very deep and meaningful, or something completely pointless and vacuous yet entertaining, but I'll just start here- this is a blog about style, fashion, art, photography, design and anything else that attracts my mind. 

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