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New Day, New Year

New Year's is usually one of my least favourite holidays- it seems to give license to every person who hasn't drank in a year to consume a ton of alcohol and throw-up everywhere. I've managed to always avoid going out on New Year's, just going to dinner parties and keeping it pretty low-key. Last night I went to a dinner party at the apartment of a well-known fashion designer and filmmaker, and it was totally fantastic- a great crowd of fashion insiders and other interesting people. I wore my favourite black moss crepe and satin Ossie Clark gown with an opera coat from 1910- blue velvet with gold lame and fox fur trim, one of the most beautiful things I own. My boyfriend and I had a great time there, and I had some of the most absorbing conversations I've had in awhile. Afterwards we met up with some other friends and went to my boyfriend's best friend's loft where I passed out with a bottle of Wild Turkey in my hand... Overall, a very enjoyable night...

I'm rather looking forward to 2008- the second half of 2007 was rather awful for me, so I'm hoping that I can change everything around a bit in my life. I would think I would be frightened faced with so many changes in my life, but I can only express my current mood as excited and full of anticipation.