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Lovely love love...

My favourite label to wear when I want to be at my most comfortable is probably Lover- I've been buying their clothes since their first collection and they are always the prettiest and most easy to wear pieces. I'm not usually someone who factors comfort into my outfits, but sometimes I do my errands without getting all fussed up, yet I still want to look good. Lover always works in these situations. I'm totally obsessed with some of their pieces for spring, especially the bathing suits, and I have the fall lookbook which is just gorgeous.

I definitely want to get at least one of these swimsuits, probably the black one, and I might get that adorable dress. In their current season down under there is this amazing leather dress and white blouse, both of which will be in the fall collection here and both of which I am going to pre-order.

They actually used to make some fancier dresses, but they haven't in about 2 or so years- I do have to say I really do adore the aesthetic they have cultivated over the years- the girlish tomboy mixed with the vintage clad 1970's hippie (except I only buy the very feminine pieces).

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