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Will you walk gently through my shadow

Lyell has been one of my favourite designers for the last few days- the clothes I have from there are all beautifully constructed and designed, pretty clothes to be worn over and over again because they feel like something you've always had, something that you might have found in your aunt's closet. My favourite top and skirt of theirs were in the suitcase of mine that was stolen in Vancouver last November (a throughly upsetting event) so I've been looking for something equally pretty to replace them with, and there are quite a few gorgeous items in the spring collection.

I love the front and the back of this blouse, especially in the cream.

The two outfits at the bottom are great, too. I love how their lookbooks always have great photography and styling to really create a mood- the locations are always somewhere I would want to live, somewhere I fantasize about being able to escape too.