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One day we were sitting and wondering where it's at

I love apartments (one only needs to look at my work I've been doing for the last few years to see that)- I mean I really, really love them. Sometimes I see one that just makes me so jealous- like this one. I think I'm mostly envious of the fact that they have 3,700 sq feet in Manhattan (!?!), but I also love the fact that it is all just found pieces.

I find the bedroom pretty boring, but I like the oval ceiling.

My dream is to have a library at home- a proper library with floor to ceiling wood shelves and a big comfy sofa. At the moment I have most of my books at my studio, which I find pretty annoying as I'm always thinking of things I want to check when I'm at home, in the middle of doing something else.

I love the windowsill garden, too- that is definitely one of my projects for the summer.