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In the stillness of remembering

My scanner has been on the fritz for the last week, so I sadly can't post any of my newest photos. The hours I would have spent scanning the last few days I've instead spent going through photographer's sites I've bookmarked and photos I've saved. Many things I saved long ago have made much more of an impact on me now. One photographer who's work I noted but hadn't really looked at was Ali Richards, a Briton who does incredibly beautiful work. Her Playgrounds series shows abandoned cars in former places of play- run-down, weed infested playgrounds that exhibit no sign of life. She writes, "Both the rubbish and the cars continue to exist long after they have been forgotten; they become invisible and morph into their new environments. It’s so appealing that nature absorbs these grotesque invaders, these smouldering masses, the environment and intruder almost violating each other in a torrid union, morphing into one another. The transformation complete these objects lie dormant to be rediscovered at a later date, the consequences of earlier actions finally becomes evident."

All Photos Copyright © Ali Richards

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