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My World Will Still Revolve Around You

I'm more than a little obsessed with this fashion spread I found on Ethical Style's blog- it's from the November 15, 1966 Vogue and it is entitled "Looks Men Like At Home." This is basically my dream of how I want to dress all the time- my grandmother always wore lounging suits of silk and other fabrics around the house, and in all of her photos from then she looks amazing.

My favourite of these looks is #4, in the second spread- "A man's idea of a wonderful sport- the player in the white mink tennis dress, with legs like a maharani's in crushed silk tights striped to the toes... great form for the games people play at home. The dress- tiny bodice and a frisk of pleats zipped together at the waist, of "Jasmine," Emba white mink." Where can I find a white mink tennis dress?!? How gorgeous!

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