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I play the part but then all of us do

Watching the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night one thing stuck out to me. All of the dresses were pretty boring and the speeches uneventful, but when I glanced up during the montage of dead actors I saw the most beautiful lady in the most gorgeous dress. The name, Nina Foch, didn't ring any bells with me but I recognized the back of Gene Kelly's head in the 10 second clip so I immediately started googling. Turns out she played the lonely society woman who takes the painter played by Kelly under her wing in An American in Paris. I adored this film as a child but haven't seen it in years- I'm definitely going to download it now and see if I can find any of her other films, such as Executive Suite, for which she was nominated for an Oscar, and Scaramouche, in which she played Marie Antoinette.
This is the dress- perfection!

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