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There's so many fine people

Everyone who knows me knows about my complete obsession with Mad Men. Since I caught an episode early in the first series I knew that it was the show for me- I rarely watch shows weekly, and I can't even remember the last time I cared what happened to the characters on a show. Now, Mad Men is set in one of my favourite eras, the early '60s, and so much has been written about the costumes already but I do have to say how much I love them. Obviously Betty was my favourite, but I adore Joan's figure-hugging jewel tones and Bobbie's over the top glittering sheaths. This is a great interview with Janie Bryant, the costume designer, in which she says that she may be working on a clothing line. I would definitely be interested in seeing it- I wear mostly vintage, but I'd be interested to see what she came up with as she has a great eye (her costumes for Deadwood were immaculate also).

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