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What I seem to touch these days Has turned to gold...

I've never been a huge Elie Saab fan, but after the amazing gown of his that Evan Rachel Wood wore to the Golden Globes (which I want in ivory for my wedding dress) I am paying more attention to him. His couture collection still wasn't a favourite of mine- while I adore feminine details I always find his dresses to go a little too far, just have too many sequins and ruffles and flowers all on top of each other. There were a few highlights- in particular, his palette which is another one that makes me wish I could run out an buy a bag of Jordan almonds right now (sadly, allergies put a stop to this dream).

I also adored this embroidered satin Dresden shepherdess dress that Dita wore to an AIDS dinner that same evening. I thought her lipstick was a little too dark with the dress, but the colour looked beautiful on her (I can't say the same for the Elie Saab gown Mischa Barton borrowed for the evening).

This jeweled dress might be even prettier!

I adore the eau de nil shade of this frock.

A gorgeous wedding gown for the right girl.

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