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And they both rushed by, like a thief in the night

My brother is getting married in June at Chiswick House, Lord Burlington's 1729 Palladian style villa in London, which means that I need an amazing dress to wear for it. I keep changing my mind about what style I want to wear- I'm definitely looking for an exceptionally gorgeous Ossie or Gibb, but I've also been thinking about something Edwardian or 30s. I just saw this 1950s Eleanor Garnett beaded satin evening gown and it is just so perfect! I can't afford (bleh!) but I think it would be a perfect dress to wear at a wedding.

This 1894 Morin-Blossier ball gown is sold but is totally so gorgeous that I had to post it. It's too bad it is sold as it would fit!

Does anyone know when the next fashion sale at Kerry Taylor Antiques is?

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