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Hana Soukupova in Thea Porter

It's rare to find out what happens to something you loved that came up to auction, which is why I was so surprised when I spied Hana Soukupova last week. I was at Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld's (Carine's son) opening at Collective Hardware, my boyfriend's space, chatting with friends when I saw her flit by. Overall, all of the many models there were dressed incredibly boringly but she looked like a gorgeous bird of paradise in her eary '70s Thea Porter couture caftan. It was part of the Kerry Taylor Antiques Passion for Fashion auction in early December and I had fallen absolutely in love with it. I knew it would go for more than I could afford, which definitely saddened me as Thea Porter is the only one of the designers that I really love that I have yet to collect a single piece from- rather sad as I would like to write my thesis on her. The navy chiffon patchwork caftan ended up selling for £1,600, and though Hana Soukupova isn't one of my favourite models I thought she looked beautiful in it. It is always nice to see someone wearing beautiful vintage, instead of just putting it away never to be enjoyed again.

I wish I could find out what happened to my favourite piece from the auction, a Thea Porter dress and matching cape. It was pretty much the dress of my dreams, and at the last minute I decided to bid but my registration did not go through in time. It only ended up going for £150, which is basically the price of a dress or two at Topshop! Someday I will find it as it was the most gorgeous Medieval-esque gown.

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