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Stærk & Victor Glemaud Fall 2009: Gloomy Elegance (and cute boys!)

My good friends Camilla Stærk and Victor Glemaud showed their collections together yesterday. I've written about her several times before as I adore the hard edged glamour of her designs, and Victor makes perfect clothes for hot boys (his models were seriously the most perfect group of boys I've seen in a long time). Camilla's Fall 2009 collection was seriously so beautiful- even tighter and more elegant then ever before. The bustier above was my favourite, though I was talking to my friend who does the production who said it was next to impossible to make- I hope they produce it!The lights were way too bright at the presentation, which made it hard to look at the clothes for too long- I understand what they were going for in blasting the space with light, bleaching it out, but it was honestly too much. Otherwise it was the perfect presentation and I am so proud of them both!

This leather trench was so beautifully cut with truly wonderful details- Camilla's trademark knots on the cuffs and belt added a little fun to an already perfect piece.

My best friend's favourite was this lace and leather vest, and I do have to admit that it is pretty amazing- the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.

I have a thing for long black Gothic dresses so I'll have to make sure I get this one. Shinji Nakaba made the incredible aluminium broaches- how insane it that broach? The tiny flowers were fabricated with such skill and beauty.

My favourite skirt and probably the only piece I've seen at any show thus far that I absolutely must have. You can't see it in this photo but there are the most perfect little pleats above the pockets and a cute little buckle in the back. I've been looking for a great leather skirt for awhile and this go perfectly with all of my clothes.

Another amazing broach on another staple of my closet, a long Gothy black skirt.The liquid jersey falls gorgeously and is just so, so, so elegant.

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