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Lay me down in your rose garden

Anyone in New York know of an amazing tailor? I had one who did such wonderful work two blocks away from my apartment, but she moved down to North Carolina at Christmas so since then I have had no luck in finding a good one. I'm hoping to take a more advanced sewing class this summer so that I can do my own alterations, but until then I need to find someone who will do do good work, without any fuckups- otherwise I have half a wardrobe full of clothes I can't wear, which is no fun.

Sorry for not posting all this week- I've had lots of ideas for posts but no time to write them up. Hopefully I will have more time over the next few days.

All of these photos are from Bebe's new ad campaign- a store I've never even walked into, but I can't help being attracted to the rosy prettiness of these pictures. It has been such a long and hard winter that I have had to content myself with dreaming of spring flowers and dresses.

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