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Ossie and Me

For the last two weeks I've been feeling really rather depressed and apathetic, and I've been completely unable to put my finger on why- there didn't seem to be any particular reason why I would be feeling this way, but it definitely affected my desire to write anything on here. Today I started to feel better and I suddenly realized what had been affecting me so much- a few weeks ago I had been looking up something in the Ossie Clark's Diaries and had decided to re-read it. Every day as I took the train to and from work I would read a little bit, and while the first few years are great fun to read as time goes by his depression and the downward spiral of his life can become quite hard to deal with. I've always been a little too empathetic (blame my Pisces moon), but this was the first time I've noticed that a book has had such a negative effect on my own life. It just makes me so unbelievably sad that someone so amazingly talented could fall apart so completely.

I would seriously die to have either of these dresses that Gala is wearing- they would be perfect additions to my collection.