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The Costumes of The Nutcracker

As a little girl, my parents had season tickets to the New York City Ballet. A few times a season my parents would take me with them to Lincoln Center to see a ballet, and every year they always took me to The Nutcracker. I loved everything about the ballet- the dancer's lithe bodies, the exquisite beauty of their movements, the mysterious and glamorous atmosphere, and, especially, the costumes. When I saw Rachel Papo's photographs of the making and fitting of the NYCB's Nutcracker costumes that were in the New York Sun I was immediately enthralled by them. The costumes and tutus are fluttering visions of pink and cream, and I find it so intriguing to see all of the layers that go into them up close. I would love to examine them all personally, but, for now, these photos will have to do.

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