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Laced with Disappointment

After months of trying to find some gorgeous dress to wear to my brother's wedding I finally decided to see about getting this one incredibly beautiful and feminine dress by Erdem. The first look in his Spring/Summer 2009 collection I was immeditely obsessed with it when I saw it back in September and even briefly had it as the background on my laptop. I kinda always thought of it as being one of those dresses I would love but that were just completely out of my league. Finally this week, after having the worst luck finding anything that would be perfect for the wedding, I decided to try my luck on this one- just give it a go as it is pretty much the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. After calling almost all of his American stockists I ended up emailing his sales rep to see what stores bought the dress, and she emailed me back almost immediately saying they had one left in the studio. Of course it is in my size (I even got her to send me the measurements), but the price is simply insane for me to spend. It's pretty disappointing as I think it is such a special dress (I can't help that I love lace and high necks and long skirts and ice blue and orange and ruffles), but I was pretty positive in the first place that it would be beyond my means.

Maybe in a few years I can get it remade as a wedding dress- wouldn't it look pretty in white with baby or sky blue ribbons? Maybe tight long sleeves too...

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