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Summer Sun, Something's Begun

Growing up I was never a real fan of Summer. Obviously I loved it for certain reasons (no school being the main one), but I hated a lot of the quintessential aspects of Summer- the heat, the beaches, the sand, the saltwater. A lot of it probably has to do with growing up in a family that had no real interest in beach vacations- the first and only time I've ever been on a real beach vacation was when I was 16 with friends. For the last year or so I've started to really crave one, though. My boyfriend and I keep trying to plan one to Tulum or somewhere in the Caribbean, but it hasn't worked out due to our schedules. Seeing these photos on Jena Ardell's website has made me want to go away even more, but instead of to somewhere exotic to somewhere more quaint. I wish I could take him to Blackpool (some of my photos from my last trip there can be seen here), but we won't have enough time on our trip to England to go- and it's not warm enough anyway to fulfill my desires. I'm definitely going to get us out to Montauk sometime this summer to visit my old boss's surf shop and maybe we can go down to the Jersey shore- anyone know of any older seaside towns without the drunken Jersey girls and boys?

One of my main goals for the summer is to learn to ride a bike- my boyfriend tried to teach me last summer but he gave up after an hour. He says I need to buy a bike that fits my height first, so I'd like to find the bike in this photo- a pretty bike in my favourite colour.

I miss swimming- and that pool on Metropolitan and Bedford is not going to satisfy me.

I actually have these suitcases- I'll have to take them out for our trips this Summer.

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