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Ant's Come-back

According to this article, the love of my life, Mr. Stuart Leslie Goddard (better known as Adam Ant), is making a comeback. I can't help but be over-joyed that he's doing better after all of his problems a few years ago- I just hope that he is truly well enough to tour again. He was the first man I ever loved and I spent years and years obsessing about him- you have to remember that this was well after his fame had ended so it was rather odd for a pre-teen in the late nineties to be completely obsessed with him. I even have a tattoo based on one of his and I wrote my college essay about how he was the most influential person in my life, much to my college counselor's chagrin. Has a more beautiful person ever lived? I think not. Once he announces this tour I shall have to book a ticket home to see him- somehow I have never had the chance to see him live so I will not lose this opportunity.

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