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Pictures for Photographs

Tomorrow I'm planning on going up to Chelsea to check out all the galleries, and to see the Miles Aldridge show at the Steven Kasher gallery. I love his slightly surreal spin on fashion photography and his use of super-saturated neon colours in most of his photos, so I am interested to see the prints in the show. I've always had a thing for photographers who use such super-saturated colours, starting from my passion for William Eggleston's dye-transfer prints. I'm sure that Miles Aldridge's are all digital c-prints, which are great for capturing the saturation but sometimes the colours lack depth- I'm looking forward to seeing how vibrant and luminescent these prints are in real life.

These are a selection of his photos that will be on display at the gallery. The last one is from my favourite story of his from Italian Vogue- I did a post on it here.

Love this kitchen and Caroline's whole outfit!

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