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Wedding Fever

Back in New York after going home to London for a few days for my brother's wedding. After much deliberation and agonizing over what dress to wear, I ended up going with a vintage 1950s pink strapless taffeta and tulle gown with a matching bolero. I wore it with some Terry de Havilland gold wedges and my great-grandmother's beaded bag- in the end I think it was quite a pretty and romantic look for a wedding. Photobucket
I'm not a huge fan of this photo but it is the best of the ones I have on my camera- I'm waiting to get the better photos from my father, so I may put some others up along with some photos from the other nights we were there. I love any excuse to dress up so, for me, there is nothing better than a wedding with a week of parties surrounding it. Luckily nothing happened to my luggage as it was full to the brim of Ossie's and other great vintage pieces. We're off to another wedding this week (I'm a bridesmaid!) so I'm looking forward to getting to wear more of my collection.

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