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Meet the Models... and me...

I've been out of town and away from the computer for one of my best friend's wedding, so I apologize for the lack of posts. I'm constantly amazed by the bloggers who are able to blog daily while on vacation and put up satisfactory content in the midst of so much else going on as I seem totally inept at it- but I guess that is why many of their blogs are much better read than mine. That aside, a story I modeled for, to publicize 1st Dibs' new vintage venture, has just been published. 1st Dibs is the online marketplace for all the finest antiques dealers in the world and they have now gathered together some of the most well-known vintage dealers to also sell via their website. I was asked by a friend at Vogue to model due to my love of high-end vintage, and I obviously wasn't going to turn down the chance to play around in Resurrection's storeroom. You can see the story here- they got a few facts wrong in my interview (least of not, my last name), but the general gist is true. The clothes were amazing, and I would love to have the Jacques Cassia for my collection- it fit me perfectly and was such a gorgeously unique and sexy gown.

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