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Wedding in the Dunes

A few weeks ago I had the honor of being a bridesmaid for one of my best friends at her gorgeous wedding in the Indiana Dunes State Park. Jun and I met years ago when she was managing the Tracy Feith store in Nolita and I was just a huge fan who would often come to salivate over the clothes. We became friends as my visits started happening more frequently and became less about the clothes and more about hanging out on the antique daybed with lovely ladies. When I graduated from college and was having a crisis over my future she offered me a part-time job that, in many ways, became a life-saver for me. She is an amazing artist and a former editor at Elle Japan, so we bonded over our love of art, fashion and good cocktails. After reconnecting with the love of her life, she moved out to Chicago to be with him and to work with Ikram- this sadly means I rarely see her anymore, which was why her wedding was such a great time.

I wanted to share these photos as I thought they did a lovely job on the wedding- sadly I don't have any of the professional photos yet, so these were all taken by my boyfriend during the ceremony on just a little camera. Her gown and all of the bridesmaid dresses were all custom made by Tracy Feith for us, and Jun made all of the crowns and necklaces. Her husband built the driftwood altar and canopy the morning of the wedding.


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