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The Enchanted Land

It feels like an eternity since I have posted, but it hasn't been from a lack of desire on my part. The keyboard and mouse on my laptop went kaput, and then, sadly, my grandfather passed away so I've been down in Georgia for the last week, doing family things. It's obviously been an overwhelmingly sad week, only made better by seeing my family who I love so much. I was already planning to be down here, to visit him, so I didn't need to change my travel plans much but it was definitely quite saddening to be coming out for a funeral instead of a little visit. I do adore coming down here, though, and luckily for me my step-grandmother never threw anything away so the three houses they own on their block are stuffed to gills with the most amazing things. Every time I go I end up having to send huge boxes back to New York- one time I sent 45 'Fifties hats, another time 15 rolls of 1940s wallpaper, another 40 cookbooks from the 40s and 50s. This time, for the first time ever, I got to go up to the attic in the main house, which was heaven for a scavenger like me. I went through hundreds of original dress boxes, finding all kinds of beauties, and as the temperature had soared to over 100 degrees in there I wasn't able to try any of them on- so I sent them all, all 38 lbs of them. When I get back to New York later this week and receive the box I will post some pictures- gorgeous lace, velvets, silks and beads- such heaven!

I want to say hello to anyone who's arrived here from Shrimpton Couture- the beautiful Cherri wrote a very nice blog post about me and, as she said, I will be writing some guest posts for her. I should have the first one up there within the week (if my computer gets itself together) and should have some more posts upon here then too- I have so much to write!

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