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When this battle is over I feel I will survive

I started grad school this week and it has been a little (well, actually very) overwhelming. It should get better next week when my actual classes start, but at the moment my brain is rather fried. This post is going to be a little schizophrenic, full of things I've been meaning to post about- all very different and random.

First, my brother is rather amazing dance dj, and while he no longer djs out that often, he makes these mixes which he posts up on his blog, Sonic Rampage. He asked me recently if he could use an image of mine that I took several years ago in Blackpool. Of course I agreed, so you can now see the final product, and download his mix, here.

Second, did anyone else see the photos from Milla Jovovich's wedding? The few photos I've seen are spellbindingly gorgeous- and could there possibly be a prettier bride? Derek Blasberg wrote a little something for his Style.com blog (after he tweeted through most of the day), and the whole thing seems heavenly- her choice of the 30s style Temperley gown and her self designed 60s inspired mini work perfectly with her personal style and show off her innate beauty.


Lastly, Jaja, who runs one of my favourite blogs, July Stars, posted a video on her twitter of the fashion stylist Catherine Baba at the world-reknowned Joyce in Hong Kong. Catherine Baba is pretty much the only person at the moment who's style inspires me- I generally look to pictures from the past for how I would like to dress, but her style is the perfect melange of decades and inpspirations. It's wonderful to see her swanning around in this video, dressing people up- I only wish they showed more of the Q & A with her.

This led me to this interview with her by Diane Pernet.

And just a little more Catherine Baba...

I have several editorials to post, but that will have to wait at least till the morning...

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