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Rules of Fashion #7

A rule that is the antithesis of today’s fast fashion…


Point #7: Don’t buy too much. There is nothing to sap the morale and dull the appearance like a closet full of half-worn, no-longer-at-their-peak clothes. With the exception of the aforementioned staples- coats, sits, and street shoes, which should last several seasons- buy only what you need at the time, make it serve you well, and get rid of it.

How would Ms Chase feel walking into any of my friend’s closets, or mine, for that matter? I think we can be surely confident that she would take great displeasure in the large collections of random pieces of clothing we all house.


Excerpt from: Chase, Edna Woolman and Ilka. Always in Vogue. Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company Inc,1954. All photos by Todd Selby.

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