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Photo of the Day: Dal Lake, Kashmir

Barbara Mullen floating in the water in a cotton mousseline dress by Atrima in Dal Lake, Kashmir, India. Norman Parkinson, British Vogue, 1956.

Last night I saw a friend who is about to go off on a three-week trip to Vietnam, and earlier in the day I was emailing with a friend who just got back from a month each in India and Brazil and is now off to Mexico. Hearing about these trips, compounded with the many other expeditions other friends have gone on, has made me realize that I have never really done anything like that in my life. I've always been quick to come up with excuses for why I can't- usually money- but I always seem to be able to hussle together enough for another Ossie Clark dress. Now I've made the decision that this will be the year that I hoard my money to go on the kind of exotic holiday that I am always so envious of, even though I also made a pledge to myself to save money to rescue my great-grandmother's house. While it seems I may be broke for awhile I think I need to learn to focus more on experiences, rather than possessions.

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