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Photo of the Day: Michael Chow's Think Tank

Michael Chow's studio. Photographed by Barry Lategan for Vogue UK, October 1973.

Mickey Mouse is an obsession of Michael Chow, figuring five times, above, in cast iron, in Chinese rug work, in china, in tin, and even in abstract- Oldenberg's sculpture in front of the desk. Michael, who runs five restaurants and one club in London, and is opening a restaurant in Los Angeles, is a compulsive collector. His office in a studio flat in Knightsbridge contains a splendid Art Deco desk on a platform, an Art Nouveau rug, two Richard Smiths, and a Robyn-Denny, all bathed in Mozart and Bach, with windows opening on to a flower-filled verandah. "It's a thinking office more than a working office. I sit at the desk and toss a coin for where I'll go to lunch."

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