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Photos of the Day: Twiggy on the Mermaid Trail

Lurex bra and skirt by Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey, silver boots by Richard Smith, bead necklace made by hand by Bibette at Quorum.The other blonde and silvertailed mermaid by Jan Haworth.

Silver-scaled dresses by the tangled banks and sinister waters of the Silent Pool at Albury, Surrey. Your breathing is all you can hear; a stone thrown in sinks without a sound. Here seven centuries ago, it is said, King John came riding by and frightened a maiden who was bathing. He invited her to join him; she retreated. He rode his horse into the water; retreating further, she caught fast in the weeds and drowned before his eyes.

Gathered skirt from a ruched hipband and low tied ruched bodice by Janice Wainwright for Simon Massey, pewter mirrow and pin in hair from Tony Gardner's Purple shop.

Both photos of Twiggy by Justin de Villeneuve, Vogue UK July 1969.

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