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RIP Pete Steele


News of Pete Steele's death this morning has hit me rather hard. Type O Negative, the band that Pete was the singer, have long been tied for my favourite band and are probably the band that I listen to most often. By far the most beautiful man who ever lived, in my opinion, the young Pete Steele looked like he steeped straight off the cover of a romance novel about a Viking prince or a rakish Duke. Anyone who listens to his lyrics would understand how tortured he was and the past few years have been especially hard on him. When I saw them in concert a few months ago he was a shadow of his former beautiful self- a lumbering bloated shadow. At the time everyone said he was doing better, but supposedly he died late last night from heart failure at the age of 48. Far too young to go, this is a very sad day for the metal community.

RIP Peter Steele 1962-2010


Some of his wonderful albums: Bloody Kisses, October Rust, Life Is Killing Me, and World Coming Down.

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