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Hello Shoe Lover

The lovely Becka, at Smashingbird, tagged me for the Hello Shoe Lover award where one must show off seven of their favourite pairs of shoes and then tag seven more bloggers to do it. As I have a rather unhealthy love of my shoes it seemed like a fun thing to do while cleaning my closet, and I followed Becka's lead and took the photos using my iPhone.

I have so many pairs of Terry de Havilland's, in every possible colour, but these are my absolute favourites, the wave Margaux's in black, as they go with everything.

The most comfortable ankle boots ever, I wore this Topshop pair through snowstorms, rainstorms, everything.

The colour is a little hard to tell here but these Marni babies are slate-blue python with brown leather and a wooden platform sole. I wanted to buy them at the Harrods Xmas sale in 2008, but bought a Christopher Kane dress instead- I couldn't stop thinking of them and happily six months later I came across the last pair of them at the Selfridges summer sale- fate, right?

The PHI creeper booties were another dream shoe for me- I obsessed over them but they were over $900 on Net-a-Porter so it seemed doomed. When I heard they were going out of business I figured that they were would be none left, since they were so iconic, until my best friend called from the closing sale saying they were selling for $100. Needless to say I jumped in a cab and ended up buying the pair that Freya wore in the runway show.

I can't even remember what year these Miu Miu shoes are from (2002? 2003?) but I adore them. I've only worn them once and I haven't worn shoes without a platform in years, but the robin's egg blue and ornate trimming are perfect for any Marie Antoinette fantasy. If Terry de Havilland doesn't make make a bespoke pair of platforms for my someday wedding, than I will probably wear these are my 'something blue.'

Prada black suede and lizard platforms with French jet beaded detail at the front.

These are the only vintage pair of Terry de Havilland's I have- royal blue, silver and mint green metallic snakeskin. While they are a little worse for wear in some places, they are still comfortable almost forty years later.

It was so difficult to choose just seven pairs, especially from my TDH's- I have around eleven pairs and I'm always snooping around on eBay for more...

The seven bloggers I would like to nominate for the Hello Shoe Lover award are:
* Miss Peelpants
* I Love Cat Party
* Liebmarlene
* July Stars
* Chromium Dumb Belle
* Violetville
* Julia Bunny

All photos by Laura McLaws Helms, 2010.

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