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Lisa Marie Fernandez

Elisa dress.

Last month I was at a party when I was introduced to a beautiful woman dressed in the most amazing body-con dress. As a trend I am rather over the whole body-con, Herve Leger trend, but this one was very flattering and with an ingenious cut that seemed to hug the body without seeming overly constricting. As it happened she was the designer of this hot dress, Lisa Marie Fernandez. A stylist turned swimwear designer, she launched her first small collection of dresses this winter. Made from a luxe neoprene she helped to develop, the fabric sucks in the body to create a smooth silhouette. Unlike any neoprene I've ever seen before, it isn't stiff and foam-like as wetsuits often are- it almost has a felted, velvety texture. Her designs are now available on her website and on Net-a-Porter (though sadly the long-sleeved one I saw her in is for next season), and at some point I will have to get one- though I can't decide which one...

Farrah maillot.

Lisa Marie dress.

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