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Photo of the Day: Dusk

Gail Skoff, Ann, 1974.

I moved into a new apartment last week so I haven't had the time or the capability to blog or be online in any form. I just had the internet hooked up in here twenty minutes ago so I will be back posting regularly (and I have many beautiful new images to share). Also, if I owe you an email expect one back within the next day.

Thankfully New York's heatwave appears to have abated a little today, and after two weeks for temperatures in the 90s and 100s it is a welcome relief though I would much rather be by the flower-covered coast in the image above. From what I know of Gail Skoff's work, I believe this image is a hand-painted black and white print. As someone with experience in this technique, it is incredibly difficult to achieve the perfectly blended tones seen here so this image is a perfect example of the beauty that can be attained when photography and painting are merged.

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