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Journey to Avebury

Derek Jarman, Journey to Avebury, 1971.

When I was eleven we took a class trip to see pre-Roman archeological sites in Wiltshire. While Stonehenge was very impressive, it was at Avebury stone circle that I felt an immediate connection with my surroundings, which I've come to realise is the closest to a spiritual Other that I have ever encountered. The semi-constant appearance of the monoliths at Avebury in my dreams has precipitated a waking interest in reading the histories of Druidic Britain, academic or not. The best of these is by far The Modern Antiquarian, written by my favourite man ever (sorry Bryan Ferry!), the Arch Druid himself, Julian Cope. One of my goals in life, on the proverbial 'Bucket List,' is to take a road trip around all of the neolithic sites documented in the book, and possibly many of the ones mentioned in his study of continental European prehistoric monuments, The Megalithic European. These current musings were instigated by uncovering this Super 8 film by Derek Jarman on YouTube yesterday, which I think, in some way, captures the inherent beauty and mysticism of the site.

David Noton, Dawn amongst the ancient stone circle at Avebury, Wiltshire, England, 2009.

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