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Jane Holzer in Thea Porter


Listen to Janie Holzer talking about what she found in Thea Porter's London boutique. "It's like wearing a king's raiment... they're so splendid." About the pheasant-printed chiffon shirt that goes with the dark-brown velvet weskit and pants (below), "It's really an illusion, see. I mean, in the right light, you can see through the shirt, but then, you can't. So you take your choice... I mean, if you want to, you can stand in the the right light"... The king's raiment on Jane, above, a blowy-sleeved tunic of whispery sheer silver lame (it's actually got some aluminum in it) with a black velvet weskit striped in tiny chips of aluminum.


Jane Holzer in Thea Porter. Photographed by Hogenboom for Vogue, November 15 1968.

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