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Summer Brides... Summer on the land


Harper's Bazaar, June 1944.

"Dorian Leigh... combined pristine blue eyes, curling eyelashes, an arresting intelligence and intoxicating sexuality to become one of history’s most photographed models — perhaps the first to truly merit the adjective super."
- Douglas Martin, Dorian Leigh, Multifaceted Cover Girl of the ’40s, Dies at 91, New York Times July 9, 2008.

A few weeks ago, On This Day In Fashion asked on Twitter if anyone had ever seen the oft-discussed yet seemingly undocumented Harper's Bazaar cover from June 1944, which is supposedly Dorian Leigh's first modeling assignment. Taking the bait to find it, I added it to my "to do" list and then promptly had no time to make it to the library. Finally yesterday, while doing some other research at FIT, I was able to scan this rather lovely cover. I think it was shot by Louise Dahl-Wolfe yet there was no information listed in the magazine. 
That gown is rather stunning, is it not?

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