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Beauty Babe: Party Paint


bright lights
electric legs

New picture of you in the fizzy pink - beauty in fur tails, feathers, suedes, Pablo & Delia's delightful bright thoughts on finery: Red suede short tabard, above left, purple paint spots, painted purple patch, patch striped like party wrapping paper, a hem of fox and raccoon tails. Sunset trail of maribou feather wound up, above centre. Black suede long tabard, above right, painted flower yoke, raccoon, tails every so often. Electric-coloured, long-sleeved panne velvet T-shirts, at Mr. Freedom. Small brilliant cashmere shorts at The Ireland House Shop. Tights, by Mary Quant. Curls by Oliver at Leonard. Party paint by Clinique.

Explosion of colour under a golden spider chrysanthemum tinted on a head of deep plum hair, exclusive to Daniel at Leonard. The hair, caught by Pablo & Delia's painted ornament, arranged by Leonard.

Photos by Barry Lategan for Vogue UK, April 1971.

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