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If You Are Happy And You Know It

If You Are Happy And You Know It by Julie Verhoeven and Neil Emery for AnOther.

As a longtime fan of Julie Verhoeven's childlike yet oddly dark aesthetic, the launch of this video on AnOther's website a few days ago was a pleasant surprise. Playing with toiletries and cosmetics, these beauty products are incorporated into her surreal world of rainbows and 70s advertisements - a world so perfectly encapsulated in her eclectically, but perfectly succinct, Tumblr. One of my favourite dresses is a black silk one she designed for her first collection for Gibo that I bought on sale at Browns Focus back in 2003- while it lacks the colourful eccentricities of most of the rest of the collection (and all the rest of her work), it fits like a dream and is timeless in a quirky way. I would love to get my hands on more of her work for Gibo and other brands- it would be great if she had the opportunity again to be the head designer for a brand as I feel that she has the kind of clear vision that would be a welcome addition to the fashion world today.

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