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White is the Color

June Vincent, of Hollywood, in fine white Sanfordized cotton broadcloth piped in navy blue. About $11. Peck and Peck.

Jinx Falkenberg in white rayon crepe with navy blue banding, buttoned down the side of the short tennis skirt. About $23. Lord and Taylor; Rich's, Atlanta; Burdine's, Miami.

June Vincent in a dirndly little girl dress of white Sanfordized cotton broadcloth with embroidered sleevebands and waistband - and the barest of ruffled collars tied with the tiniest of string bows. About $12. Best.

Photos by Engstead from Harper's Bazaar, June 1944.

Spending the weekend in New Hampshire at the 100th anniversary of the camp I went to for five years as a young girl- my first time back here since I was 13. Just as gorgeous as I remembered- and luckily this time I am not being forced to wear brown and white polyester seersucker!

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