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At Home: John Martin Shea, 1980s


The interiors of the house, which were arranged by designer Vincent Jacquart of Newport Beach, naturally focus on the contemporary art collection. Nevertheless, they also provide functional comfort and the cool feeling of oasis-like peace. In the Living Room, from left to right, are Donald Judd's ten-piece stack; Aspen 1948, a mobile by Alexander Calder; and a large Helen Frankenthaler painting from 1976.


The dramatic contours of Frank Stella's Harran III stand opposite the fireplace at the other end of the Living Room. In the background are a 1951 Franz Kline and Brice Marden's Study, 1969.


Over the fireplace in the Living Room is an Andy Warhol electric chair, Pink Disaster (1965), and at the left is Beth Shin, a Morris Louis veil(1958). The Thai silk pillows are by Jack Lenor Larsen, and the modular seating, designed by Mr. Jacquart, is from the Vermillion Collection.

Timeless, yet ever changing, the desert setting of California's Palm Springs makes an appropriate background for Mr. and Mrs. John Martin Shea's collection of contemporary American art.

Photos from Architectural Digest, early 1980s.

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