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Jumpin' Jeans Denim Paints


Jumpin' Jeans Denim Paints, 1991.

This is rather dissimilar to what I normally post, but when I came across it in my files I thought it deserved to be recognized. As far as I remember, I begged and begged my mother for this paint kit- as a little child who was very into crafts, at a time when painting neon stars on your clothes was cool, there really wasn't anything more appealing than a couple of pots of neon and metallic fabric paint. When my mum finally bought it for me there was this amazing insert, showing off different, creative things you could do with them. I'm actually not sure what I did do with them, though I'm sure I tried to make something equally as brilliant as the looks above. Amazingly the first thing that shows up when you google 'Jumpin' Jeans Denim Paints' is a Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice for them, due to excess lead in the brush handle. A little frightening considering I'm sure I kept that around for years- though not the sixteen years I have kept this insert.

Here is another example of this series.

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