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The Intimate World of Thea Porter Couture


Thea Porter. Photographed by Joe Gaffney, 1973.


Thea Porter outfit on the cover of Vogue UK, May 1972. Photographed by Arnaud de Rosney.


Jane Forth in a Thea Porter abaya, at Porter's New York store. Photographed by Jack Robinson for Vogue, August 15, 1971.

I'm giving a talk on Thea Porter, "The Intimate World of Thea Porter Couture," this afternoon, as part of the Costume Society's Study Day, De-constructing Couture, so it seemed like a good idea to share a few photos from my presentation. These are less than 10% of what I will be showing today, which is probably less than 2% of the many images I have collected of her and her work- quite an archive!

Hopefully it will go well today- though she has been the focus of my research for two years now, this will be my first public talk on her.

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