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Jean Seberg, 1974


Jean Seberg by Terry Fincher, 1974, from Creative Techniques in Photojournalism, 1980.

I first photographed the late Jean Seberg, the a very young Canadian girl, in the mid-fifties during the filming of Otto Preminger's 'Joan of Arc' in which she starred. It was in Paris recently while she was producing her own film that I photographed her again. I find it strange how the mind retains a photographic image of people and places, perhaps because we think photographically and freeze the subject for that one instant. Miss Seberg had of course grown up over the years into a mature, attractive woman who had made many films since I first photographed her. No longer was she just a young actress; she was now making her own film and that was exactly what I wanted to capture in this photograph.

Obviously Jean was from Iowa, and not Canada, but it is always interesting to read reminisces such as this- regardless if the facts are correct or not.

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