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Beauty Babe: New Glow from Givenchy

Givenchy's delicious pale-but-glowing makeup, ivory flushed with pink, warmed with russet - framed here by his great brown suede hat, miles of fox stole... First, a shimmer of Pale powder- brushed, not puffed, over Glowbeige foundation; brightened with Glow cream blusher on cheeks, forehead, and under brows; shined with a gloss of Glow transparent gel. Mushroom and Brown Pastel shadow blended together on eyelids. On the mouth, a gleam of Noisette lipstick, russet-ripe as its hazelnut namesake... Speaking of names: this new makeup collection cooked up by master chef Givenchy is called, invitingly, Haute Cuisine...
Photo by David Bailey from Vogue, September 15, 1971.

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