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Showing Off

This is the way to be... underneath... all light and movement and tenderly exposed.

Barely there body dressing, more light than substance. Soft-cup bra and slightly flared panty bound together deliciously with stretch lace; snaps between legs. By Lily of France in Dacron stretch yarns. Shoes: Chelsea Cobbler.


Shameless chemise with a lust for lace performs daringly night and day. Lace discreetly discloses bare breasts; scallops trim the panty part. Spaghetti straps over shoulders, snaps between legs. By Formfit Rogers in nylon tricot. Shoes: Chelsea Cobbler.


Next to nothing this.. an anything-but-demure camisole that takes an idea from the past and sizzles it for today. By Fernando Sanchez in lots of lace and nylon tricot. Shoes: Herbert Levine.

Little nothings.. the daring demi-bra with lace cups and stretch sides; and lace-front bikini cut high over the thigh for the longest possible leg. In nylon by Hollywood Vassarette. Shoes: Chelsea Cobbler.

Editorial by Art Kane for Viva, October 1974.

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