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Biba Heaven


"On the bed the model is wearing an Edwardian type cotton nightie (£8.50). She uses Biba make-up. Barbara Hulanicki started doing make-up quite early on - she thought that a girl who wore Biba clothes should have a face to match, so she used to produce "looks" to match each season's new designs. But the new store will sell "every colour under the sun." Biba's make-up artist used yellow foundation and china doll No. 3 loose powder to make the model's face pale and she made her eyes dark and smudgy with blue No. 4 and black powder tints plus havana brown water colour (prices from 17p)."

Photo by Julian Allason and text by Brigid Keenan for The Sunday Times Weekly Review, September 9, 1973.

Scanned from The Women We Wanted to Look Like by Brigid Keenan, 1978.

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