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At Home: In the Lounge and On the Dancefloor, 1970s

Some places seem totally removed from the outside world, such as this media area designed by Ruben de Saavedra. Without leaving this space, you can eat, sleep, dance, listen to music, and watch a light show, television, or movies on a full-sized screen.
This variety is possible through careful planning: almost all of the furnishings are double purpose, including the rug-covered wall which is an acoustical buffer. In the base of the dining table above, a movie projector emerges at the same time that a full-sized screen drops over the glass doors at the end of the room.


The glass-bottom dance floor lights up from beneath with a continuous band of colors synchronized to the music.


When the dance floor isn't in use, it's covered with a mattress and the area is used for seating. The television and an extensive record collection are stored behind sliding mirror panels.

Photos by Daniel Eifert and text by Egon von Furstenberg, scanned from The Power Look: Decorating for Men, 1980.

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