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Dream Home: Richard Ohrbach's Pop Art Bathing Suite, 1970s


"Zap, Pop, and Wow" caught in comic-strip balloons are all that's needed to complete the Pop Art extravaganza of this bathroom in New York City. Designer Richard Ohrbach annexed the neighboring apartment in his building to gain the room to install this incredible bathing parlor. The room itself is immense - the size of a studio apartment - and throughout the space are Ohrbach's plastic creations. Arcs, circles, strips, and bubbles of plastic create a kaleidoscope of color that is psychedelic in its visual effect. The room is all white, but the play of light bouncing off the colored plastics sets up a rainbow of changing color.


The bathrub, above, is on a platform topped by one of Ohrbach's arcs. The geometric formations of colored plastic have an updated Art Deco flavor. Beyond this room is an all-mirror parlor with a waterbed.

Text by Norma Skurka with photographs by Oberto Gil for Underground Interiors, 1972.

Richard Ohrbach was the 'designer to the stars' - in charge of the homes of such luminaries as Liza Minnelli, Henry Fonda, Diahann Carroll and Hubert de Givenchy in the late 1970s.

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